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    Rado Pagac holds over 30 different national and international titles for winning both natural bodybuilding and fitness competitions.  Titles include the World Championship in Natural Bodybuilding (2006), Natural Olympia in Greece (2007), Mr. Natural USA in 2008 and the overall winner of the Muscle Beach International Classic in 2010.  Rado grew up in Slovakia and graduated from Slovak University with a Masters in Human Nutrition, Biochemistry and Physical Education. While in Prague he was a the fitness editor for a European edition of Men's Health Magazine, writing numerous articles about nutrition, training and health.  Since moving to California, Rado has been competing and working with his clients as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor.  Rado has a very personal approach and works with each client to meet their individual fitness needs and goals.  Each client has a tailored plan developed for them specifically.  He has helped a few hundred satisfied clients to improve their overall health, lose weight, tone up, increase flexibility and gain muscle strength. 
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    Garrett Day has over 10 years personalized of training, 4 years Wellness coaching, 15 years wrestling experience, 4 years jiu-jitsu, 4 years boxing, 6 years of MMA (mixed martial arts), 2 years bodybuilding, 2 years power lifting, 3 years of Mind/Body massage therapy school and 4 years experience, NASM (sports medicine), AAAI Yoga (sun salutation), AAAI Thai Yoga Release Message, AAAI Postural Assessments, AAAI Fitness Training, Aafa Strength and Conditioning, AAFA Personalized Training The utmost satisfaction that someone can have in their life is to feel healthy and strong mentally and physically. This goal is achieved through three basic wellness tools: Nutrition, Cardiovascular work, and weight training. By developing and utilizing these tools, a person will make great positive progress, both in his/her physical attributes, and feeling better about oneself mentally and emotionally. The greatest feeling in the world is to see a positive change that brings ones whole life back into balance. If I had to recommend anything, it would be to have a realistic goal, and a realistic date, for achieving that goal. Successfully accomplishing ones personal plan brings incredible satisfaction and extreme confidence in ones abilities. It feels like being on top of the world having and experiencing the knowledge and feeling of being on the right path to success and wellness.
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    Jeff Yagher is a graduate of the University of California at Riverside with a BA in Political Science, an MA in Education and is currently nationally certified with the International Sports Sciences Association in fitness training. A California credentialed teacher, Jeff trains individuals of all ages and ability levels. He specializes is circuit training, core training, body sculpting, body building and boxing. Jeff is a lifelong athlete, a competitive bodybuilder and a native of southern California. His motto is "if you can dream it, you can do it!" Contact me so we can discuss your fitness goals together.
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    Michelle Koczela has over 18 years experience and has earned certifications in health and fitness instruction, including a two year Certificate Program of Fitness Instruction from UCI, The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as a BA from UCLA. Michelle has provided professional guidance and support to people at all levels of fitness and has created hundreds of training programs for individuals. In addition to improving stamina, strength, flexibility, nutrition and overall well-being, she specializes in Post Rehabilitation of knees, back, shoulders and other common injuries. Her clients have ranged from the ages of 13 to 92 and she has helped many who never believed they could achieve the level of wellness that working with her has brought them. She has worked along side doctors and nutritionists in order to achieve maximum results for her clients. She is enthusiastic about her work and motivates and encourages in a positive manner in helping to achieve goals and to get in fantastic shape, increase confidence, enjoy abundant energy, and maintain a lean, strong physique.
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    Shawn Nethercott is a professional personal trainer, certified by the American Council on Exercise. He is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. Through proper diet, exercise and education Shawn believes anyone can reach their fitness goals and lead a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle. He enjoys the opportunity to develop relationships with his clients and work with them on a personal basis.
    Shawn grew up in Texas where he played soccer, baseball and track. He values discipline and character which stem from his experience as an athlete and soldier of the US Army. His own experience practicing a healthy, active lifestyle is what fuels his passion for helping people reach their fitness goals. Shawn has been training since 2008, educating and developing customized strategies to keep each client interested and motivated while providing an effective work out.
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    Michael Harrison is a leading professional in the Health and Fitness Industry. Michael has 20 years experience as a Physical Fitness Specialist and Gym Designer. He has worked with People with Special Needs and Professional Athletes from the Lakers, Clippers and Dallas Cowboys. Michael's passion is helping people obtain their fitness and weight loss objectives by setting realistic short and long term goals. As a gym designer, he has customized home and commercial properties for some of the Nations largest Builders and Developers representing the best equipment on the market today. Michael is certified through IVC and is backed by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Physical Fitness Educator. The GOLD STANDARD in fitness. His latest accomplishments was enduring the rigorous training at the Orange County Fire Authority Academy to become a FF II/ EMT.
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    Ron Caya is a ISSA certified Trainer. I've been a personal trainer since 2000 and I am proficient in any type of training you might desire. I've raced mountain bikes for 10 years and have extended knowledge and skills in the cardiovascular area. I can also train bodybuilders of any weight or height. Seniors are especially welcome, that's how I got my start in the business. Look forward to seeing you soon!
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    Sara Thornton began practicing pilates over 6 years ago. She first experienced pilates during pregnancy and saw positive results. She was certified through Body Arts and Science International (BASI) by Rael Isacowitz (owner and founder) on all apparatus equipment and have continued education with Karen Clippinger regarding Hip and Knee biomechanics. She has also completed a course on Jumpboard. Jumpboard enables her to incorporate cardio to complete a full workout . Her passion is to help others achieve there fitness goal through the philosophy of pilates.
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    Julia Walden has been in the fitness field for over 30 years and benefited greatly from her discipline in overall wellness while actively engaged in her profession. As a BASI International instructor, her expertise covers the entire spectrum of modalities of Pilates. She has now grown her fitness practice into a specialty field of Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies. She has a unique ability to help those reach their fitness goals and re-sculpt their bodies, yet also guides those clients in need to achieve healing and increased overall stamina as they endure and triumph from various stages of physical and mental suffering.
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    Susan Lora is 45 years old, originally from Peru. She was a long distance running champion in her country dominating in1500m and 3000m.She has two beautiful  26 and 21 years old daughters. She won the Max Muscle Contest in 2001. After that she was so motivated and got inspired to help others to reach their physical goals in life. She became a Certified Personal Trainer, and has continued her education in the fitness field; getting certified in: Advanced Personal Fitness trainer, Pre and Post Natal Instructor, Motivational fitness instructor, Strength trainer specialist. Her passion is to help and transform others people physiques, giving them back their confidence and the most important their health back. She loves what she does.